Home Coffee Machines Are More Affordable Than Ever!

It’s not been long since the bean to cup coffee machine market really came into its own. Filling the gap between home and cafe coffee, Delonghi have been the leaders in dragging up the quality of home coffee at a sensible and affordable price.

Once you’ve bought a really good coffee machine, you’re only going to need to find the money to buy coffee beans from that point forward. There are a huge number available, but finding your preferred brand and roast will make a big difference to how much you enjoy your coffee. If you like Starbucks or Costa, then buy their beans. If you like to try new things, have a good look down your supermarket’s coffee aisle, or online in the coffee beans department at Amazon.

So, the question remains – how to choose the right coffee machine? Well, let’s start with the easy bit. If you want to get the cafe taste, you’ll need a bean to cup coffee machine. These take the whole beans, grind them, brew the coffee and decant a fresh hot coffee right in to the cup or mug you place under the nozzles. You just don’t get the same result with pod or ground coffee percolators, so it’s worth spending the money to get the result you want. Just think of the money you’ll save on the high street!

Choosing the right machine is a matter of personal preference, but if you’re wanting to learn about the most popular models, you could do a lot worse than to spend some time reading bean to cup coffee machine reviews on the web (site used to be cosmics coffee if you’re a long time reader and confused!). There are lots of choices, but relatively few worth looking at. Common quality brands include Delonghi and Gaggia, but review sites can really guide you into the ones worth considering.

Buying a good bean to cup machine will save you a lot of money over its lifetime if you buy a lot of coffee when you’re out and about, and free up time to spend on other hobbies like looking after yourself and getting a bit more exercise. As I talk about on that page, staying fit and alert can make you more productive in your job, and get a lot more out of life in general.